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Web Reputation events

For general best practices related to events, see Events in Workload Security.

To see the Web Reputation events captured by Workload Security, go to Events & Reports > Events > Web Reputation Events.

Information displayed for Web Reputation events

These columns can be displayed on the Web Reputation events page. You can click Columns to select which columns are displayed in the table.

  • Time: Time the event took place on the computer.
  • Computer: The computer on which this event was logged. If the computer has been removed, this entry reads "Unknown Computer".
  • URL: The URL that triggered this event.
  • Tag(s): Event tags associated with this event.
  • Risk: The risk level of the URL that triggered the event (Suspicious, Highly Suspicious, Dangerous, Untested, or Blocked by Administrator).
  • Event Origin: Indicates from which part of the Workload Security system the event originated.

Add a URL to the list of allowed URLs

If you want to add the URL that triggered an event to the list of allowed URLs, right-click the event and select Add to Allow List. To view or edit the Allowed and Blocked lists, go to the Exceptions tab on the main Web Reputation page.