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Error: Unable to connect to the cloud account

When adding an Amazon Cloud account, the error "Unable to connect to the cloud account" can occur. The cause can be:

  • Invalid key ID or secret
  • Incorrect permissions
  • Failed network connectivity

Your AWS account access key ID or secret access key is invalid

To resolve this:

Verify the security credentials that you entered.

The incorrect AWS IAM policy has been applied to the account being used by Workload Security

To resolve this:

Go to you your AWS account and review the IAM policy for that account.

The AWS IAM policy must have these permissions:

  • Effect: Allow
  • AWS Service: Amazon EC2
  • Select the following Actions:
    • DescribeImages
    • DescribeInstances
    • DescribeTags
  • Amazon Resource Name (ARN) to: *

NAT, proxy, or firewall ports are not open, or settings are incorrect

Workload Security must be able to connect to Amazon Cloud, on the required port numbers.

You may need to:

  • Configure NAT or port forwarding on a firewall or router between your AMI and the Internet
  • Get an external IP address for your AMI

The network connection must also be reliable. If it is intermittent, this error message may occur sometimes.