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About adding computers

The Computers page in the Workload Security console enables you to manage and monitor the computers you are protecting with Workload Security.

This page regularly refreshes itself to display the most current information. To modify the refresh rate for the active user, from within Workload Security, click Workload Security User Properties at the top of the screen, then click the Settings tab. In the Refresh Rate section, modify the page refresh rate.

Add computers to Workload Security

After being installed on a computer, an agent must be activated by Workload Security. During activation, Workload Security sends a fingerprint to the agent, after which the agent accepts instructions only from a Workload Security instance with that unique fingerprint.

You can add computers through the Computers page.

Group computers

Creating computer groups is useful from an organizational point of view and it speeds up the process of applying and managing policies. Groups are displayed in the tree structure on the left side of the Computers page. To create a new group, select the computer group under which you want to create the new computer group and then click Add > Create Group(s).

To move a computer to a group, select the computer and click Actions > Move to Group. Keep in mind that policies are applied at the computer level, not the computer group level. Moving a computer from one computer group to another has no effect on the policy assigned to that computer.

To remove a group, right-click it and click Remove Group. You can only remove a computer group if it contains no computers and has no sub-groups.

You can also Group computers dynamically with smart folders.

Export your computers list

You can click Export on the Computers page to export your computers list to an XML or CSV file. Exporting is useful when you want to back up your computer information or integrate it with other reporting systems.

The exported computers file does not include any assigned policies, firewall rules, firewall stateful configurations or intrusion prevention rules. To export this configuration information use the Policy export option in the Policies page.

Delete a computer

If you delete a computer (by selecting it and clicking Delete), all information pertaining to that computer is deleted along with it. If you rediscover the computer, you have to reassign a policy and whatever rules were assigned previously.