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Network Engine Status (Windows)

Network Engine Status warnings

Network Engine Status warnings are a collection of warnings or errors that might appear in the Status area of a computer. They appear when the agent raises an event about the Trend Micro LightWeight Filter Driver and the Network Engine Status Check is enabled.

If you get one of these warnings, network components might not function on that agent:

  • Web Reputation Engine Disabled
  • Firewall Engine Disabled
  • Intrusion Prevention Engine Disabled
  • Web Reputation Engine Working With Limited Functionality
  • Firewall Engine Working With Limited Functionality
  • Intrusion Prevention Engine Working With Limited Functionality

Agents display more security events for each affected network interface. See Driver-Related Events table for the list of agent events.

Verify the driver status in Windows

  1. In Windows, go to Control Panel > Network and Internet > Network and Sharing Center.
  2. Select Change adapter settings in the left to open Network Connections.
  3. Open the context menu, and select Properties for each active network adapter.
  4. For Trend Micro LightWeight Filter Driver, verify that it is selected.

Disable Network Engine Status warnings

  1. On the Trend Cloud One - Endpoint & Workload Security console, go to Computers.
  2. Select the computer for which you want to disable the warning, and then click Details. Alternatively, disable it in the policy.
  3. In the computer details, go to Settings > Advanced > Network Engine Settings.
  4. For Network Engine Status Check, select Disabled.