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Integrate the Service Gateway Forward Proxy with Endpoint & Workload Security

You can enable Forward Proxy on the Service Gateway and apply it to Endpoint & Workload Security. Endpoint & Workload Security then deploys the Forward Proxy settings to the Trend Vision One-managed Deep Security Agent.

Once the agent receives the settings, it connects each service server (for example, Smart Protection Service) through the forward proxy. If a server cannot be reached, it then tries the alternative proxy that is configured in its policy.

Enable the Forward Proxy

You can enable the forward proxy in Trend Vision One. For instructions, see Managing Services in Service Gateway

Once Endpoint & Workload Security integrates with Trend Vision One, the forward proxy information will appears in the Endpoint & Workload Security console under Administration > System Settings > Proxies > Proxy Servers.

After the forward proxy settings sync to Endpoint & Workload Security, the agent will receive the settings on its next policies check.