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Add Computers

You can use the API to add computers to Workload Security as part of the process of protecting new assets.

Before using the API, consider using the following types of scheduled tasks to automatically discover and add computers:
  • Discover Computers
  • Synchronize Cloud Account
  • Synchronize Directory
  • Synchronize VMware vCenter
For more information, see Maintain Protection Using Scheduled Tasks or Schedule Workload Security to perform tasks.

Use the following general procedure to add a computer:

  1. Create a Computer object and set the hostname. The hostname is the only required property. The value must be the hostname or IP address that resolves to the computer.
    computer = api.Computer()
    computer.host_name = hostname
  2. Configure any other properties as you desire. See the Create a Computer operation in the API Reference for the available properties.
  3. Create a ComputersApi object and use it to create the computer on Workload Security.
    computers_api = api.ComputersApi(api.ApiClient(configuration))
    new_computer = computers_api.create_computer(computer, api_version)

To see the properties that you can configure, see the Create a Computer operation in the API Reference.

You can also use the Workload Security console to create a task that automatically configures computers when they are added. See Automatically perform tasks when a computer is added or changed.
You can use the legacy REST API to enable the relay on a computer that is running an activated agent. The Deep Security Git repository contains scripts that accomplish this task: For background information, see Distribute security and software updates with relays.

The following example adds a computer to Workload Security.

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# Create the computer object
computer = api.Computer()
computer.host_name = hostname

# Add the computer to Workload Security
computers_api = api.ComputersApi(api.ApiClient(configuration))
new_computer = computers_api.create_computer(computer, api_version)