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Try the Workload Security demo

You can watch Try the Deep Security as a Service demo application on Youtube.

You can try out the Workload Security demo application to learn how to add a protected computer and explore the various protection modules:

  1. In the Workload Security console, go to Support > Deployment Scripts. For more information about deployment scripts, see Use deployment scripts to add and protect computers.

  2. Set the Platform to Linux Agent Deployment and the Security Policy to Base Policy > Demo.

  3. Copy the deployment script to your clipboard.
    Deployment Scripts dialog box

  4. Navigate to your AWS console and go to Services > Compute > EC2.

  5. Select Instances from the side-menu. Click Launch Instance.
    EC2 interface with Instances selected

  6. Select Ubuntu Server 18.04 from the list.
    Ubuntu Server 18.04 with Select button

  7. In Choose an Instance Type, select t2.micro. Click Next: Configure Instance Details.
    Choose an Instance Type page with t2.micro selected

  8. In Configure Instance Details, select a Network and Subnet that have public internet access.

  9. Open the Advanced Details pane and paste the deployment script.
    Configure Advanced Details page

  10. Under the deployment script, paste the following command:
    curl | sudo bash
    This installs and configures Tomcat.

  11. It is not necessary to add storage or tags, so click through to the Configure Security Group page.

  12. Add an SSH rule and an HTTP rule and set the Source to My IP. This security group is the only thing blocking outside access to your instance until the agent is installed, which is why we highly recommend you only allow access from your IP address.
    Configure Security Group page

  13. Click Review and Launch.

  14. In the dialog, select Proceed without a key pair. Click Launch Instance.
    Select an existing key pair or create a new key pair window

  15. Click on the instance ID to navigate to the AWS console. Your instance and demo app will take about five minutes to launch and install.
    Once the instance is running and all the necessary checks are complete, you are ready to explore the Workload Security console and agent!

  16. To view your new instance, open the Workload Security console and go to Computers. Your new instance should be displayed.
    Workload Security Computers page with new instance displayed

  17. To access the demo application, go back to the AWS Instance page, copy your Public DNS and enter the URL into a browser with /demo-app at the end.

  18. Trigger the security module of your choice.
    Demo page

  19. To view the security event, open the Workload Security console, go to Computers and double-click the demo computer.
    Workload Security Computers page

  20. In the pop-up window, select the security module that you triggered, then navigate to the Events page of that module.

  21. If the event has not appeared, click Get Events. Double-click the event for more information.
    Computer details page

Now you are ready to add an account of your own. For next steps, see Getting started with Workload Security.