What's new in Workload Security?

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Workload Security is automatically updated with new features, enhancements and fixes. For new features, enhancements and fixes related to Deep Security Agent, go to the Deep Security Software page, select your agent version and platform, click the green plus sign and click Release Notes.

If you'd like to know what has been updated in the API, see the API changelog.

If you'd like to review release notes from previous years, see Archived Workload Security release notes.


Date Type Release notes
Jan. 20 New Feature This release adds support for Anti-Malware on the AIX platform.
Jan. 11 Information For subscribers to the Trend Micro Cloud One listing on AWS, the hourly price of Extra Large and Not Cloud instances has been reduced from $0.06 USD to $0.045 USD per instance.

This change applies only to the Trend Micro Cloud One listing, the pricing for the Trend Micro Deep Security listing is unchanged.

Jan. 07 Enhancement Updated vCenter to make changing an NSX Manager simpler by using the Remove NSX Manager button (Properties > NSX Manager) rather than editing the Manager Address: field.
Jan. 06 New Feature Workload Security XDR Activity Monitoring is now out of preview and generally available to all customers. When Activity Monitoring is enabled, additional information is collected by Workload Security and forwarded to Trend Micro XDR to provide correlated detection and root cause analysis capabilities.
Jan. 05 Enhancement When the Deep Security Manager generated a new certificate for an agent with an existing one, there were sometimes connection issues.
Jan. 04 Resolved issue You were unable to do an advanced search on Events & Reports > Firewall Events > Advanced Search with the Search criteria set to "Action" and "Fail Open" entered as the search value.