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Get agent software

View a list of available agent software

To view a list of all available software:

  1. In the Workload Security console, go to Administration > Updates > Software > Local.
  2. Optionally, organize the list of software by version or platform (OS) by selecting Version or Platform from the list at the top.

Export the agent installer

You can download the agent installer from the Workload Security console:

  1. In the Workload Security console, go to Administration > Updates > Software > Local.
  2. Select your agent from the list.

    If you are looking for a Solaris agent, see Solaris-version-to-agent-package mapping table for information on which agent to select.

  3. Click Export > Export Installer. Workload Security checks the digital signature on the software package. If the signature is valid, the export proceeds.

  4. Save the agent installer. If you install the agent manually, save it on the computer where you want to install the agent.

To install the agent, only use the exported agent installer (the .msi, .rpm, .pkg, .p5p, or .bff file depending on the platform) as opposed to the full agent ZIP package. If you run the agent installer from the same folder that holds the other zipped agent components, all protection modules are installed, even if you have not enabled them on the computer. This consumes extra disk space. For comparison, if you use the .msi, .rpm, .pkg, .p5p, or .bff file, the agent downloads and installs protection modules only if your configuration requires them.

Installing an agent, activating it, and applying protection with a security policy can be done using a command line script. For more information, see Use a deployment script.

You can generate deployment scripts to automate the agent installation using the Workload Security API. For more information, see Generate an agent deployment script.

Solaris-version-to-agent-package mapping table

If you are not sure which agent package to pick when exporting the agent, review the following table.

If you are installing the agent on... Choose this agent package...
Solaris 10 Updates 4-6 (64-bit, SPARC or x86)


Solaris 10 Updates 7-11 (64-bit, SPARC or x86)


Solaris 11.0 (1111)-11.3 (64-bit, SPARC or x86)


Solaris 11.4 (64-bit, SPARC or x86) Agent-Solaris_5.11_U4-xx.x.x-xxx.<sparc|.x86_64>.zip
  • is the build number of the agent. For example: 12.0.0-682
  • <sparc|.x86_64> is one of sparc or .x86_64, depending on the Solaris processor.

AIX agent package naming format

The naming format is different depending on the agent version:

  • Agent version 12 for AIX: Agent-AIX-<agent_release>-<agent_build> Example:
  • Agent version 9.0 for AIX: Agent-AIX_<AIX_version>-<agent_release>-<build> Example:

For details on which agent is required for your version of AIX, see Agent platforms.