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Why can't I view all of the VMs in an Azure subscription in Workload Security?

If not all of the virtual machine resources in an Azure subscription are being displayed on the Computers page of the Workload Security console, this could be because they were deployed using the Azure deployment model Resource Manager. All resources are deployed using this model unless you select Classic from the Select a deployment model list.

Not all VMs are displayed because older versions of Deep Security as a Service used the Service Management API provided by the classic Azure deployment model (the Service Management model) to connect to Azure virtual machines so it can only enumerate VMs deployed with the Classic model.

To see both Classic or Resource Manager VMs, upgrade your cloud connector. For more information, see Why should I upgrade to the new Azure Resource Manager connection functionality?.

If you are unable to upgrade your Resource Manager servers, you can still protect them by using the deployment script on the VM and letting the activation create a new computer object outside of the connector.