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Transitioning from Deep Security as a Service

Trend Micro Cloud One - Workload Security was formerly known as Trend Micro Deep Security as a Service. The transition to Trend Micro Cloud One will be seamless to existing customers for all functionality relating to protection of your workloads. There is no action required on your part to ensure protection remains in place during the transition. Visually, you will start to see changes in the web console and product documentation as this transition from Deep Security as a Service to Workload Security takes place.

The current planned changes are:

  • Beginning March 30 2020, if you create a new account or request a password reset from Deep Security as a Service, you will receive a link that directs you to the Trend Micro Cloud One management console. However, we will continue to provide access to Deep Security as a Service at
  • Beginning May 1 2020, the sender email address for Deep Security as a Service will change from to If you use spam filters or email routing rules, please update them to include this new email address.
  • In the coming months, when you access the legacy Deep Security as a Service console (, you will be redirected to the Trend Micro Cloud One console. You can log in with the same credentials and navigate to the Workload Security tile to continue using the service. Your account will now be a Trend Micro Cloud One account. Please bookmark the Workload Security console page and use that URL to log in to the service moving forward.

For customers currently using SAML single sign-on, support for SAML is not part of the initial Trend Micro Cloud One launch. Customers can continue to access Deep Security as a Service using SAML without changes, through the existing Deep Security as a Service URL. Support for SAML will be rolled out after the initial launch.