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Error: Check Status Failed

You can check the status of the agent on a computer from the Workload Security console. On the Computers page, right-click the computer and click Actions > Check Status.

If you get a "Check Status Failed" error, open the error message to see a more detailed description.

If description indicates a protocol error, it's usually caused by a communication issue. There are a few possible causes:

  • Check whether the computer (or the policy assigned to the computer) is configured for agent-initiated communication or bidirectional communication.
  • Check that Workload Security can communicate with the agent. See Port numbers.
  • Check the resources on the agent computer. Lack of memory, CPU, or disk space can cause this error.

If the description indicates a SQLITE_IOERR_WRITE[778]: disk I/O error, there is likely a problem with the agent computer. The most common problem is that the disk is full or write-protected.