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Create a list of ports for use in policies

Create lists of port numbers so that you can use them in multiple rules. A single list is easier to manage than several identical lists that are each created in a different rule.

To create a port list that is similar to an existing one, duplicate the list and then edit it.

Individual ports and port ranges can be included on the list, for example 80 or 20-21. You can insert comments into your port list by preceding the text with a number sign ( # ).

For a listing commonly accepted port number assignments, see the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA). For a list of port numbers used by Workload Security, relay, or agents, see Port numbers.

  1. Click Policies > Common Objects > Lists > Port Lists.

  2. Click New > New Port List.

  3. Type a name and, optionally, a description.

  4. In the Port(s) list, add the port numbers, one per line.

  5. Click OK.

Import and export port lists

You can export one or more port lists to an XML or CSV file, and import lists from an XML file:

  1. Click Policies > Common Objects > Lists > Port Lists.

  2. To export one or more lists, select them and click Export > Export Selected to CSV or Export > Export Selected to XML.

  3. To export all lists, click Export > Export to CSV or Export > Export to XML.

  4. To import lists, click New > Import From File and follow the instructions on the wizard.

View rules that use a port list

It is useful to see which rules use a port list to be aware of which rules are affected by any changes you make. For example, you can ensure no rules use a port list before deleting it.

  1. Click Policies > Common Objects > Lists > Port Lists.

  2. Select the port list and click Properties.

  3. Click the Assigned To tab.