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Create and modify lists

You can create several types of lists that are used to configure protection modules: directory lists, file extension lists, file lists, IP lists, MAC lists, and port lists. The way that you create each list is very similar:

  1. Create the list object.

  2. Set general properties such as the name and description.

  3. Add items to the list. The type of list determines the nature of the item that you add.

  4. Use the API object that is associated with the list object to add the list to Workload Security. For example, you use a DirectoryListsApi object to add a directory list.

To modify a list, you obtain the list, modify it, then update the list. Similarly to any other object, to obtain the list you can search, get the list by ID, or get all lists and cycle through them to find a particular list.

The following example adds a directory to a directory list:

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dir_list = api.DirectoryList()

dir_lists_api = api.DirectoryListsApi(api.ApiClient(configuration))


    dir_lists = dir_lists_api.list_directory_lists(api_version)

    for dir in dir_lists.directory_lists:

        if == dir_list_name:

            dir_list.dir_list = dir

    # Create the directory list if dir_list_name was not found

    if == None: = dir_list_name

        dir_list = dir_lists_api.create_directory_list(dir_list, api_version)

    dir_list_with_directory = api.DirectoryList()

    dir_list_with_directory.items = dir_path

    return dir_lists_api.modify_directory_list(, dir_list_with_directory, api_version)

except api_exception as e:

    return "Exception: " + str(e)

Also see the Modify a Directory List operation in the API Reference. For information about authenticating API calls, see Authenticate with Workload Security<.