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Warning: Insufficient disk space

An "Insufficient Disk Space" warning indicates that the computer where the agent is running is low on disk space and may not be able to store more events. If you open the warning to display its details, it shows you the location of the agent, how much free space is left, and how much is required by the agent.

To fix this issue, check the drive or file system that's affected and clear anything you can.

Note that the agent continues to protect your instance even if the drive is out of space; however, it stops recording events.


  • Even though the warning is generated by the agent, another program that shares the same file system could be causing the space issue.
  • The agent automatically truncates and rotates its log files during normal operation. This truncation and rotation is not related to issues with low disk space.
  • The agent cleans up its own log files, but not those of other applications.
  • Workload Security does not automatically clear the "Insufficient Disk Space" warnings, but you can manually clear them from the Workload Security console.