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Add local network computers

Agent-initiated activation is recommended and enabled by default. When agent-initiated activation is enabled, computers are added automatically.

Manually add a computer

If you have bidirectional or manager-initiated activation configured, you can manually add an individual computer by specifying its IP address or hostname:

  1. Go to the Computers page and click Add > Add Computer in the toolbar to display the New Computer wizard.
  2. Enter the new computer's IP address or hostname.
  3. Select a policy to assign to it from the list.
  4. Select a relay group from which the new computer will download security updates.
  5. Click Next to begin the search for the computer.

If the computer is detected and an agent is installed and running on that computer, the computer is added to your computers list and the agent is activated.

Activating an agent means that Workload Security communicates with the agent sending it a unique fingerprint. The agent then uses this fingerprint to uniquely identify Workload Security and does not accept instructions from any other managers that might try to contact it.

If a policy has been assigned to the computer, the policy is deployed to the agent and the computer is protected with all the rules and configurations that make up the policy.

By default, the security updates delivered by relay groups include new malware patterns. If you have enabled the Support 9.0 (and earlier) agents option (on the Administration > System Settings > Updates page), updates to the engines are also included.

If the computer is detected but no agent is present, you will be told that the computer can still be added to your computers list but that you still have to install an agent on the computer. Once you install an agent on the computer, you will have to find the computer in your computers list, right-click it, and choose Activate/Reactivate from the context menu.

If the computer is not detected (not visible to Workload Security), you are notified that you can still add the computer, but that when it becomes visible to Workload Security, you have to activate it.