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Integrate with Apex Central

You can integrate Workload Security and Trend Micro Apex Central (formerly "Control Manager"). Once integrated:

  • the Workload Security widgets appear in Apex Central.
  • the Workload Security logs appear in Apex Central and can be queried.

APEX Central works only with Workload Security legacy accounts. New Workload Security accounts use a different customer login configuration that is not supported by APEX Central.

Workload Security does not support the Connected Threat Defense feature when integrated with Apex Central.

To integrate these products:

  1. Add Workload Security to Apex Central by following these instructions.
  2. When following the instructions, adhere to these guidelines:

    • From the Server Type drop-down list, select Deep Security.
    • In the Server field, enter the Workload Security URL, which is
    • In the Display name field, enter a friendly name for your Workload Security account.
    • In the User name field, enter the user name of a Workload Security user with at least auditor privileges.
    • In the Password field, enter the Workload Security user's password.
    • In the Tenant Name field, enter your Workload Security account name, which is typically your organization's name. This name is displayed at the top of the Workload Security console (see the image below).

    Tenant name