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Integrate the Service Gateway ActiveUpdate service with Endpoint & Workload Security

Enable ActiveUpdate on Service Gateway to act as the update source for Endpoint & Workload Security.

Enable the ActiveUpdate services

The ActiveUpdate service needs to be enabled in Trend Vision One before it can integrate with Endpoint & Workload Security. For information on enabling ActiveUpdate in Trend Vision One, see Managing Services in Service Gateway

Get the Endpoint & Workload Security ActiveUpdate source URL

Get the ActiveUpdate source URL from the Endpoint & Workload Security console: Administration > System Settings > Updates > Security Updates > Primary Security Update Source > Trend Micro Update Server.

Configure the ActiveUpdate service

For information on configuring the ActiveUpdate service in Trend Vision One, see ActiveUpdate Configuration.

Configure update source on Endpoint & Workload Security

To configure the Endpoint & Workload Security update source setting, apply the agent settings, and get the new ActiveUpdate components from this Trend Vision One.

  1. On the Endpoint & Workload Security console, go to Administration > System Settings > Updates.
  2. Select the Other update source and paste the ActiveUpdate URL which you generated and copied when configuring the ActiveUpdate service.
  3. Click Save.