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Integrate the Service Gateway ActiveUpdate service with Workload Security

Enable ActiveUpdate on Service Gateway to act as Workload Security's update source.

Enable the ActiveUpdate services

The ActiveUpdate service needs to be enabled in Vision One before it can integrate with Workload Security. For information on enabling ActiveUpdate in Vision One, see Managing Services in Service Gateway

Get the Workload Security ActiveUpdate source URL

Get the ActiveUpdate Source URL from the Workload Security console: Administration > System Settings > Updates > Security Updates > Primary Security Update Source > Trend Micro Update Server.

Configure the ActiveUpdate service

For information on configuring the ActiveUpdate service in Vision One, see ActiveUpdate Configuration.

Configure Update source on Workload Security

To configure the Workload Security update source setting and apply the agent settings, and get the new ActiveUpdate components from this Vision One.

  1. On the Workload Security console, go to the Updates page (Administration > System Settings > Updates).
  2. Select the Other update source and paste the ActiveUpdate URL which you generated and copied when configuring the ActiveUpdate service.
  3. Click Save.