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User Settings

Please see Cloud One User Management if you’re accessing Conformity through the Cloud One console. This documentation is relevant only to Conformity standalone customers.


Top navigation bar > User dropdown > User settings

User settings allow you to manage your preferences for Conformity.

User settings Information Available if SSO (eg. Okta, ADFS) is set up for your cloud account
Profile Update your First and Last Name
Password Change your login password


Your Password must:

1. Be between 12 - 64 characters

2. Must have uppercase letters and lowercase letters
3. Must have digits
4. Must have one special character from the list

You will be signed out once the password is changed. Log in using the new password
Mobile notifications Add and verify your mobile number to receive SMS alerts depending on the triggers that you set for the SMS communication channel
Email notifications Decide whether you want to receive:

1. Weekly Organisation Summary Emails - Provides summary of your AWS Infrastructure including number of Checks performed in the week, newly introduced checks, failures and failures resolved, and data on Cost Summary and Forecast

2. CSV Email Attachment - CSV file that contains information on all newly discovered failures depending on the triggers set for the Email Communication channel after each Conformity Bot run
Two-Factor Authentication Add an additional layer of authentication
API Keys Set up personal API keys to access Conformity API endpoints