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Disable Conformity Bot


Main Dashboard > Select {Account} > Settings > Conformity Bot settings > Update bot settings > Conformity Bot status

Conformity Bot status is set to ON by default. However, you can disable the bot either temporarily or permanently.

Trend Micro Cloud One™ – Conformity strongly recommends that you do not disable the bot as it may expose your account to risks.

Steps to disable the Conformity Bot

  1. To disable, set the toggle button to OFF

  2. If you want to disable the bot temporarily, input the number of hours
  3. If you want to disable the bot permanently, select the 'Disable the Conformity Bot until further notice' checkbox
  4. Click on Disable and Update bot settings
  5. Once disabled, the status of the bot will be displayed on both:

    1. Conformity Bot settings page

    2. Settings page