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API Keys


Top navigation bar > User dropdown > User settings > API Keys

To access the Trend Micro Cloud One™ – Conformity provided API endpoints, you are required to set up your own API key. Once an API key has been generated, you can perform several actions such as account creation, subscription update, adding users to the platform etc.

  1. You can have a maximum of 2 API keys at a time
  2. You can include whitelisted IP addresses as part of API key creation
  3. API keys should be copied to a safe place when generated as this is the only chance to save the key

Create an API Key

Applicable to Conformity standalone customers only.

  1. Click on New API Key
  2. Input a whitelisted IP address from which API key will be used to access API endpoints and Generate Key
  3. Save the generated API key

This is the only chance to acquire API Key. Please save it for future use

  1. Generated API keys will be displayed on the API Keys section of the User settings. You also have options to

  2. Disable API Key

  3. Remove API Key

Create public API Keys in Trend Micro Cloud One

Applicable to Cloud One Conformity customers only.

  1. Login to Trend Micro Cloud One dashboard.
  2. Click on User Management.
  3. Click on API Keys from the left hand side navigation.
  4. Click on New to create a new API Key.
  5. Input the API Key Alias, Role, Language, and Timezone.
  6. Clicking on the Next button will generate a new API Key for you.

Make sure that you Copy and Save the new API key because you will not be able to generate the same key again. All API keys are displayed as a list on the API Keys page under.