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Conformity Bot Enabled Regions


Main Dashboard > Select {Account} > Settings > Conformity Bot settings > Update bot settings > Conformity Bot enabled regions

The Conformity Bot is set to ON for all regions by default, however there is the option to disable bot runs at the region level. On disabling the bot in a region, notifications will not be received for new failures in that particular region and all checks for the region will be removed from the application. However, Real-time threat monitoring will continue to monitor the region for any risks and security issues.

Once a region is disabled, a bot run has to be made for changes to take effect. We do not recommend disabling regions.

Disable regions

  1. To disable, turn the toggle OFF for the required region and click **Update bot settings
  2. Once disabled, the status of the region will be displayed on both:

    1. Conformity Bot settings page
    2. Settings page

      Scanning Resources for Disabled Regions

      Conformity Bot does not scan resources for the disabled regions.

      US East (N. Virginia) Region

      Partial scanning will still happen even if a region is disabled as it is the parent or default region for global services. A new warning message is displayed for partial scanning. For example, When us-east-1 (N. Virginia) region is disabled, the following warning message will be displayed:

      Partial scanning will occur for region US East (N. Virginia) as global services are hosted in this region that applies to all regions of AWS infrastructure_

      Global Service Regions
      An additional warning message informing customers about partial scanning for global service regions is also displayed even if the region is disabled for scanning.

      IAM Resources Conformity Bot will still scan IAM resources since IAM is a global service i.e. applies to all regions of AWS infrastructure.