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Communication Integrations


Main Dashboard > Select {Account} > Settings > Communication settings > Update communication settings

Conformity offers integration with multiple 3rd party communication tools and major ticketing systems. Each of them can be customized to create multiple channels with varying triggers and notification settings to help fit into your organization’s own workflow, e.g. alerts to employees responsible for the maintenance of servers.

User Access

User Role Can Access
Power User
Custom - Full Access
Read Only
Custom - Read Only

Update communication settings

  1. Click Configure against the communication channel you want to update
  2. Email Communication
  3. SMS Communication
  4. Slack Communication
  5. PagerDuty Communication
  6. Jira Communication
  7. Zendesk Communication
  8. ServiceNow Communication
  9. Amazon SNS Communication
  10. Microsoft Teams
  11. Webhook Communication

Note: We currently do not support communication channel set up using API for Jira, Zendesk, and ServiceNow ITSM.


Is Conformity using API endpoints to integrate with JIRA, ServiceNow, and Zendesk? Can you list down the IP addresses that can be allow-listed?
Yes, Conformity uses the following API endpoints to interact with Jira, ServiceNow ITSM, and Zendesk. You may need to allow-list these IP addresses if your ticketing system is protected by a firewall or limits access based on IP addresses:

us-west-2 (Oregon)

ap-southeast-2 (Sydney)

eu-west-1 (Ireland)
ca-central-1 (Canada)
ap-southeast-1 (Singapore)
eu-central-1, CloudOne Germany (de-1) (Germany)
ap-northeast-1, CloudOne Japan (jp-1) (Japan)