Table of contents

Main Dashboard

When you first log in to Trend Micro Cloud One™ – Conformity, you will be directed to the main dashboard where you can navigate your cloud accounts, and access Administration settings and Profile settings.
Note: Organization settings access is dependent on your user role.

The main dashboard provides high-level metrics on all your cloud accounts, not only individually, but also when viewed together or as a user-defined Group. These metrics are organized into dashboard sections, and include:

You will also be able to access package add-on functionality for your account(s) subscriptions.

Example: Dashboard with an Account selected that has Real-Time Threat Monitoring and Cost Optimisation add-ons enabled.

Accounts navigation

The Account navigation on the left displays the following tabs:

All accounts

The All Accounts dashboard provides a consolidated view of all AWS infrastructure and the associated compliance level against the five pillars of the Well-Architected framework. This ability to view all AWS accounts on one user-friendly dashboard makes it extremely easy to identify risks and issues with your infrastructure as they occur, as well as ensuring your staff are up to date with the latest best practices.

Clicking on # accounts will open a new pop-up window that displays the list of account(s) and group(s) that you have access to.


A group is a collection of accounts. By default, it is displayed in a collapsed view, but it can be expanded to see the accounts within that group. You can view groups on the account navigation if you have access to one or more accounts in the group.

When an organization has:

  1. Only AWS accounts: all AWS accounts are displayed as individual accounts.
  2. Only Azure subscriptions: all Azure subscriptions are grouped by their Microsoft Entra ID. If you have more than one Microsoft Entra ID, your Azure subscriptions are displayed under multiple groups named after your Microsoft Entra ID by default.
  3. Both AWS and Azure account: Conformity creates a default group called 'AWS Accounts' for AWS accounts in the organization.

Clicking on # accounts will open a new pop-up window that displays the list of account(s) included in the group.

Individual accounts

The combination of Account name and Environment is displayed on the account navigation for every account that you have access to. E.g. An account with the name "Operations" and environment "Autoscaling" will be displayed on the account navigation as "Operations Autoscaling". The account name and environment can be modified via general settings.

Add account or group using UI

You can add new accounts or groups by clicking on

Note: This functionality is only available to the Administrator role.