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Oauth Client Jira Setup

You can configure your Jira instances for Conformity to communicate via OAuth.

Users should be able to create/update application links on their Jira instance.

  1. Log in to your Jira Instance.
  2. From the Applications tab, select Application links settings.

    1. For Jira on Premise - navigate to Jira settings (cog icon) > Applications > Application links.
    2. For Jira Cloud - navigate to Jira settings (cog icon) > Products > Application links.
  3. In the Enter the URL of the application you want to link field, Enter {your Jira instance URL}:{port}/cloudconformity then Click Create new link.

    For example, the URL would become if your Jira instance is

  4. Click Continue

  5. Add the following information and click Continue.

  6. Add the following information and click Continue.

    • Consumer Key: CloudConformity
    • Consumer Name: CloudConformity
    • Public Key:

    ---BEGIN PUBLIC KEY----  
    ----END PUBLIC KEY----

  7. Upon successfully completing these steps you should see CloudConformity under Applications