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Security Management

Conformity offers an extensive set of Security rules and tools to monitor activity on your Cloud infrastructure, manage, and remediate potential security vulnerabilities.

Access Conformity's security tools with:

  1. Security Rules
  2. Real-Time Threat Monitoring
  3. Cloud Formation Template Scanning
  4. Compliance Tools

Security Rules

Conformity supports over 150 security rules over a varied range of severities to give your organization better visibility on your security compliance. These rules are accessed via the Security & Compliance package.

Additional rules that are run in real-time are accessed separately with the Real-Time Threat Monitoring add-on.

View check failures for security rules

Security Rules behave like any other Rule on the Conformity platform.

They may require rule configuration and can be viewed via the numerous Reporting tools available.

Filter report by security rules

  1. Open your selected Report
  2. Click on Filter checks
  3. Check Security in Categories.
    _Note: Make sure other categories are unchecked
  4. Scroll down to the output of the check where you can **View by Rule
  5. Click on a Rule to see which resources have failed their check against the Rule. For more info, see Rules.