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Update Organisation Settings


Top navigation bar > Administration

User Access

User Role Can Access
Power User
Custom - Full Access
Read Only
Custom - Read Only

Your Organisation details are populated by default based on the information provided while signing up for a Trend Micro Cloud One™ – Conformity account.

As an Admin user, you can update your Organisation’s details i.e. Address, Time zone, Email, Telephone number, and White labeling logo to appear on the PDF reports from the Administration tab in your Conformity account.

You can upload a White labeling logo up to a maximum height of 96 pixels. All images higher than 96 pixels are resized by default.

Updating Organization Email

By default, your Organisation email is the one used to sign up with Conformity as the first user. It is used as your contact email for all communications from Conformity. Once you add more Administrators to your organization, you can update the email.

The Organization email must belong to an existing Admin user. One Organization can have only one Email. You cannot invite a user to more than one organization.

To change the Organisation Email:

  1. Go to Administration > Organisation and update the Email with the new email.

If there is no existing Administrator associated with the new email, you’ll first need to invite a new user to the Organisation as an Administrator. Once the new email address is verified, you can update the Organisation Email.

  1. Click on the Update organisation settings button to save your changes.

Optional: If you wish to discontinue an Organisation Email permanently, you can delete the associated user from Administration > Users > Revoke User.