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Cloud Posture Report


Main Dashboard > Select {Account} > Reports > Cloud Posture Report

The Cloud Posture Report (also known as "The Daily Report") is a daily report that shows all Rules run and Checks that have passed and failed for all accounts within the organization. This ensures that managers and administrators within an organization are updated daily on the compliance of the organization's accounts based on the Five Pillars of the AWS Well-Architected Framework. Cloud Conformity automatically generates the Cloud Posture Report for each account in the organization. The report includes a summary of Checks performed, the compliance status, and a list of all Checks. The Cloud Posture Report also provides the option to "Resolve" all failing Checks following the Check resolution workflow.

Steps to generate and download Cloud Posture Report

  1. User Action:
  2. Generate and Download new report
    1. Click on Generate against Cloud Posture Report
  3. Download previously generated reports from the history
    Note: The number of reports available is limited to the 50 most recent reports
    1. Expand Cloud Posture Report. Cloud Posture reports title begin with 'Daily report for'

    2. Select either CSV or PDF format for the report

      Cloud Posture report can also be downloaded from_ All Generated Reports list.