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Common User Scenarios

Here are some common scenarios faced by roles that interact with an organization's cloud infrastructure. Look for your role and see which scenarios may be of interest. Each scenario page provides workflows on how to use Trend Micro Cloud One™ – Conformity to solve the problems identified in the scenario.

Scenarios Compliance Manager Consultant DevOps Team member Project Manager Security Analyst Security Engineer Security Team Management Technical Team member
Running a proof of concept for Conformity
Getting started with Conformity
Real time alerts for suspicious activity and events on my cloud infrastructure
Ensure a new AWS Service added to your existing infrastructure is cloud best practice compliant
Automate remediation of non-compliant events to meet best practice policies
Prevent non-compliant CloudFormation templates from entering your infrastructure
Generate custom reports for your cloud infrastructure for management meetings
Assessing security posture of an existing cloud project for the first time

We'd love to hear how you are getting the most out of our product, reach out using the support link below so we can add your scenario to our list and share it with other users.