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Administration Settings


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Administration settings allow you to manage organisation details, users, subscriptions, and organisation wide preferences.

User Access

User Role Can Access
Power User
Custom - Full Access
Read Only
Custom - Read Only
Administration settings Information
Organisation 1. Update your organisation's name, email id, address, and telephone number
2. Upload logo that will appear in PDF reports
Users 1. Add a new user
Note: This setting will be unavailable if SSO (e.g. Okta, ADFS) is set up on your organisation

2. Manager users within your organisation
a. Configure user's role and account access
b. Remove a user
SSO To set up SAML SSO for your organisation, please see Set up SSO for your Organisation.
Subscriptions 1. Manage add-on packages
2. Change payment details
3. Remove a Cloud account
Rule settings 1. Manage New Rules behaviour

2. Configure organisation level rule - These rules run against activity on the Cloud Conformity platform for the organisation
a. Cloud Conformity user has signed in without MFA
b. Users signed in to Cloud Conformity from an approved country

These rules are enabled by default. However, users will only be able to view Checks for these rules if RTM is enabled.