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Grouped Accounts


Main Dashboard > Accounts navigation

Trend Micro Cloud One™ – Conformity provides you with the ability to organize Cloud account into Groups using account tags. This is similar to groups within the AWS organization hierarchy, except that using Conformity you have the ability to add multiple tags to a Cloud account, and therefore a Cloud account can belong to multiple groups. Use Groups to group accounts based on environment, product, or any other parameters that are used in your workflow.

The benefit of using Group is that it allows you to consume combined information. For example:

  1. Create team reports that combine your AWS accounts into a group for each team
  2. Create environment level reports e.g. Staging or Production

User Access

Action Administrator Power User Custom - Full Access Read Only Custom - Read Only
Create or edit groups
View Group if you have access to at least one account within the group

The information shown in the Groups is limited to the number of accounts a user has access to. For example: If a group has 3 accounts, but user has access to only 2 of those - User will be able to see group but with information for only the 2 accounts they have access to.

Group your accounts

Groups appear in the accounts navigation as a multi-account tab icon.

  1. Click Create a new group on the accounts navigation

  2. Input Group Name and type in the select or create a tag input box to use a pre-existing account tags or create a new group tag.
    _Note: When the account tag and the group tag are the same, the account is added to the group. On selecting a tag, users will see all the accounts that will be added to the group.


Is it possible to add accounts to a group using your API?

Your group accounts are associated with tags that can be updated using our Accounts API.