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Generate And Download Report

Reports offered by Trend Micro Cloud One™ – Conformity can be generated on demand and downloaded in the following formats:

  • CSV - contains all rule and check information, as well as links to resolution pages
  • PDF - contains a summary section that provides account information and summary stats, rule and check information, and links to resolution pages.

1. Instructions to download a report - for CSV or PDF downloads

2. All Generated Reports - history of all downloadable reports previously generated

3. Generate PDF with all check data from CSV - if you want PDF with check data

4. Get Reports using API - all reports generated for your account

Instructions to download a report

  1. On the new window, input Title for your report
  2. Check whether you want to * include individual checks in PDF report * Include Account names * and receive reports on your email
  3. Generate report

  4. Allow the platform a few moments to generate the report.

The format of download for_ Compliance and Conformity Reports _will be dependent on the formatting guidelines of the standard or framework.

All Generated Reports


Main Dashboard > Select {Account} or {All Accounts} or {Group} > Reports > All Generated Reports

All Generated Reports is the central repository of all reports generated since the creation of your account on the Conformity platform. You have the option to download reports in PDF or CSV format that display your compliance score and status along with the data as per your selected filters.

The number of reports available is limited to the 50 most recent reports

Generate PDF with all check data from CSV

Step 1: Download report as CSV

Step 2:

Google Sheets

  1. File > Import
  2. Select the CSV
  3. Once CSV is imported, select sheet with CSV data
  4. Data > Pivot Table
  5. Make selection on pop-up

  6. In Pivot Table Editor

    1. Rows
      1. Add:
        1. Rule ID
        2. Rule Title
        3. Service
        4. Categories
        5. Check Status
        6. Risk Level
        7. Resolution Page
        8. Resource
        9. Tags
        10. Message
        11. ... any other fields you want
      2. Uncheck "Show totals"
    2. Values
      1. Add:
        1. Resource - Summarise by COUNTA
    3. Filters
      1. Add:
        1. Check Status ← select to show Failures and or Success
  7. [ Optional ] Add conditional formatting

    Example: CSV pivot table showing Rule failures

    Example: CSV pivot table with expanded rule failure showing failed checks

  8. File > Download > PDF Document

Import data through Text Import Wizard

Conformity generated CSV report might contain special double-byte characters. Excel cannot display these characters if you open the file directly with Excel. This is an Excel limitation. Microsoft recommends to import file with UTF-8 encoding instead of opening directly. The following steps allow you to import data with UTF-8 encoding so it can display the double-byte characters correctly.

  1. Create a workbook and go to Data tab > From Text to launch the Text Import Wizard.

  2. From Text Import Wizard, select the File origin as: Unicode (UTF-8)

  3. Finish Text Import Wizard. The data from CSV file can be loaded correctly in Excel workbook.

Get Reports using API

You can download all reports generated for your Conformity account using our Reports API based on your role and permissions.