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Add User


Top navigation bar > Administration > User

Please see Cloud One User Management if you’re accessing Conformity through the Cloud One console. This documentation is relevant only to Conformity standalone customers.

Conformity provides management tools to give your organization's users access to Cloud Accounts to fit into your business' workflow and processes. Access to Conformity is provisioned according to the needs of each staff member using Roles and Entitlements. Users can be granted access to one or many accounts, with the ability to restrict access to read only or administrator for each account. This separation of access ensures staff only gains visibility of infrastructure and best practice violations specific to their duties.

User Access

User Role Can Access
Power User
Custom - Full Access
Read Only
Custom - Read Only

Add a user

Once an organisation has been set up, an Administrator can invite new users. Currently, we do not allow users creation in bulk, however there is no limit on the number of users an Administrator role can invite.

Input details of the new user and Invite user. You can also decide whether the new user will be an Administrator. Invited users will receive an invitation email to join the Conformity platform.

Note: Administrator role can invite users only after an account has been added.

Manage user


Top navigation bar > Administration > User > Configure

You can Configure any user's access level at account level by assigning a different role. While a user can have access to any number of accounts, the Custom Role provides you with more flexibility to assign separate access for each account. For more information on roles and associated access levels, see Roles and Entitlements.

By default, new users on the Conformity platform will have Custom - No access role assigned to them.

How can we restrict a user from having access to a particular account? I do not want our Sales team to have access to our Development accounts.

From the Administration tab, go to Users and click Configure to update a user's role to Custom - No Access role to restrict their access to an account.

Remove a user

Click on Revoke user to remove user from the organisation.

When administrator modifies user's access level or removes a user - If that user is signed in at that time, they will be logged out on the next action they take on the Conformity platform.