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Summary Widget


Main Dashboard > Select {Account(s)} > Summary

For a selected Account, or Group, the summary widget of the Main Dashboard provides:

  1. Compliance Score
  2. Check summaries broken down successes, failures, and different severities

From the summary widget, you can action or access:


Report of all failed Checks for the account.

Browse all checks

Access All Checks Report which details all provides a list of all Check failures and successes for the account.

Run the Conformity Bot

By default, the Conformity Bot runs once every hour. You can run the Conformity Bot on demand by clicking on Run the Conformity Bot again. This will refresh all checks on the account, and is only available when viewing an individually selected Account as an Administrator or Power user.

Update tags

Organize your accounts into Groups using Tags. This functionality is available only when viewing an individually selected Account.


Create, schedule, save and access Configured Reports.