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New Rules Behaviour


Main Dashboard > Select {Account} > Settings > Rule settings > Update rule settings > New rules behaviour

Conformity regularly adds new rules as AWS adds and makes changes to services on their platform to ensure our offering covers the most regularly used services and potential vulnerabilities on the AWS cloud platform. You have the ability to choose whether new rules are turned on automatically or manually.

Dropdown Information
Organisation default Use organisation default new rules behaviour for this account
Automatically enable new rules New rules are enabled by default when they are released by Conformity
Manually enable new rule
New rules are not automatically enabled and need to be manually enabled to become active.

New rules are any rules introduced after - Any rules released after this set date will be treated as new rules by Conformity.


Does the 'New rules behaviour settings' apply to a newly added account?

When you add a new cloud account to an organisation, we compare the account creation date and the Rule release date. If the account creation date is after the Rule release date, we do not consider them for the New rules behaviour and all new rules are enabled for the newly added account.