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Help Topics

Read the self-help articles to find answers to your queries regarding the use of product features and functionalities.

For information on Rules, please refer to Conformity's Knowledge Base.

Key topics

  • Getting Started with Conformity - get familiar with the most basic functions so you can jump-start your journey
  • Organization - administration of the Conformity platform, your cloud accounts, and users
  • Public API - access Conformity's public API documentation
  • Security Management - Security Rules and solutions
  • Compliance and Conformity - tools for assessing compliance and conformity with Compliance Standards and best practices frameworks
  • Real-Time Monitoring - Security real-time monitoring add-on documentation
  • Rules - supported tests for your cloud infrastructure, and how to incorporate them into your workflows
  • Main Dashboard - Conformity platform overview and key metrics page
  • Reports - run, save, schedule, and export reports on rules run on your cloud infrastructure
  • Communication - supported notification events and channels, and communication configuration
  • Roles and Permissions - access and functionality management for your users

Other topics