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Appliance health notifications

With an Amazon Simple Notification Service (SNS) subscription, AWS users can configure Network Security to send notifications to their Amazon SNS topic when the performance of their tenants or appliances have issues.

Statistics are compiled every minute. Notifications are sent for three types of performance issues:

  • Inspection state – When an appliance is not in fallback, its state is Normal. Learn more about the conditions that cause an appliance to enter fallback.

  • CPU utilization – If an appliance's core reaches a threshold of 95% for a period that extends to 10 minutes, an notification is sent for that event. When that same core reports that the threshold has dropped back below 95%, another notification is sent.

  • Congestion – Shows the number of dropped packets according to the thread on which the even occurred. If more than 1% of the total packets across all threads are dropped for two cycles, a notification is sent. If that same appliance that generated the notification reports a dropped-packet rate back below the 1% threshold, another notification is sent.


    The minimum version number required for congestion notifications is version 2021.1.0.10892.

Notification messages provide the following information:

  • Type of performance issue (inspection state, CPU utilization, or congestion)
  • Date and time of the notification
  • Account ID
  • Appliance ID
  • Region in which the Network Security account was deployed
  • Region in which the appliance was deployed
  • Provider instance ID and hostname (if different from instance ID)

Learn more about setting up your SNS topic to receive notifications.