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Upgrading a Network Security Appliance

Ensure that you are receiving the latest available functionality, performance, security and stability improvements by upgrading your Network Security virtual appliance to the latest available version. Keeping your appliance updated is highly recommended.

Seamless Appliance Upgrade

Prerequisites, for a seamless appliance upgrade include:

  • High Availability (HA) Failopen and Failover deployment to minimize network service disruption and loss of inspection capability. During the upgrade process network connectivity continues (with enabled HA), however inspection stops for a maximum of 3 minutes for AWS, and 7 minutes for Azure.

  • If HA is not available plan upgrades during your scheduled maintenance window.

  • Appliance version number of 2021.3 or higher for Azure and 2021.4.1 or higher AWS is required for an in-place upgrade. Learn more about verifying your appliance version number.

  • Redeploy your Network Security virtual appliance if your appliance version is older than the version number specified above.

Follow the steps below to upgrade your Network Security appliance(s). While it is possible to upgrade multiple appliances at once, doing so is not recommended.

  1. Navigate to the Network > Appliances page.

  2. Locate an out-of-date appliance and click Upgrade. Processing times may vary, so allow sufficient time for completion.


Depending on your current appliance version, your appliance may not be eligible for an Upgrade. In this case, you must delete and redeploy your out-of-date appliance(s). For assistance, click Help > Support in the upper-right hand corner.

  1. Monitor the progress on the appliance properties page. The upgrade will continue even if you navigate away from the page.

  2. Check the results page for upgrade confirmation.

During the upgrade process

While your appliance(s) is upgrading, note the following:

  • You cannot change your configuration while an appliance is upgrading.

  • The upgrade continues even if you navigate away from the page.

  • If you are upgrading multiple appliances at a time, pay close attention to the notifications for important updates regarding the progress of each appliance.

Downgrading your appliance

If you encounter any upgrade related issues you can revert back to the previous version.

Follow these steps to downgrade your appliance to a previous version:

  1. Navigate to the appliance properties page.

  2. Click Downgrade to (version number).

  3. Watch the progress and wait for the process to complete. Allow sufficient time for the process to complete as downgrade time may vary.

  4. Observe the results. If the downgrade was successful, you can continue to make configuration changes to your appliance(s). If you experience downgrade failure, contact support by clicking Help > Support and submit a Trend Micro Business Support case.

Verifying Build Version

Follow the steps below to check your appliance version number on the Network Security dashboard:

  1. Log in to Network Security.
  2. Navigate to ApplianceAll Appliances[Appliance name].
  3. In the General tab, check the Version in the Appliance section and locate the build version number, for instance, 2021.1.0.10892.
  4. If your Version section shows "Up to Date", then you are already running the latest available version.

Managing Network Service Impact

To minimize packet loss during upgrade/downgrade ensure that the appliance is not in line. Learn More about managing your network service impact.