Table of contents

Interactive demo

Network Security protects servers and endpoints with virtual patching backed by advanced threat research from the world's leading vulnerability research team. You can see this virtual patching in action by trying out a free interactive demo.

Use our AWS account to launch Network Security to learn how to assess your security posture and protect your environment from emerging threats. This demo does not require any changes to your existing environment.

Demo prerequisites include:

  • A Trend Micro Cloud One account. Create one for free here.
  • Familiarity with AWS networking models and VPC ingress routing.
  • This demo is only available to users who have not already deployed Network Security.

Follow the steps below to launch the interactive demo:

  1. Sign up for a Trend Micro Cloud One Account if you do not have one already. Verify that you can log in to the Trend Micro Cloud One web portal and navigate to the Network Security section.
  2. Click on the Launch an interactive demo button to navigate to the demo page.
  3. Click on the Start interactive demo button.

Note: The demo environment takes up to five minutes to launch and is available for two hours. Expect to spend about 30 minutes exploring Network Security.

The diagram below outlines the architecture of the environment.

Emerging threat protection

Once the interactive demo spins up, you can walk through the easy to use Log4j protection checklist to learn how to protect a mock AWS environment from the Log4j vulnerability. By completing this task, you will learn how to initiate, configure and verify protection against emerging threats such as Log4j.

Once you have successfully protected assets in the demo environment from Log4j and verified asset protection status, click Finish Demo to exit the demo. Your demo environment is automatically reset after two hours.

Next Steps

Now that you have had a chance to experience Network Security's inbound and outbound protection, take the next steps to protect your cloud infrastructure.

Use the Get Started wizard in the Network Security management interface to begin deployment. This generates a CloudFormation template that deploys Edge protection in your network using information obtained from your cloud account.

If Edge deployment is not right for your environment, learn more about other available Network Security deployment options.