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Distribute policies with hosted infrastructure

Security policies define the required security controls for extending your organizations' IT security policy to your cloud-based services. A security policy determines the course of action to take when certain types of traffic trigger a filter.

Hosted infrastructure deployments come with a set of recommended filters that have preset responses for when a packet matches a filter. You can optimize your security policy by customizing the functionality of your filters and policies to enable only those filters that are relevant to your environment and fine-tuning the responses for maximum effectiveness. Learn more about Network Security filters:

Distributing policies for Network Security endpoints

Now that you have selected and configured the Intrusion Prevention and Geolocation filters, you will need to distribute these filters as part of your security policy, in order for them to take effect. Distributing the policy applies the changes to the endpoints you select in your VPC. Follow the steps below to distribute policies to your selected endpoints:

  1. Navigate to the endpoints table on the Endpoints page. The page may take a few seconds to load all the endpoints in your VPCs.
  2. Endpoints are grouped by VPC. Select the VPC that contains the endpoint. Click on the VPC name in the Endpoint Name row and select a VPC, to see a dropdown of available endpoints.
  3. Choose all available endpoints for which you want to deploy protection.
  4. Click the Distribute Policy button in the upper left-hand corner to complete policy distribution. Once distribution is complete, you will receive a success notification.