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Virtual appliance outbound connections

Network Security virtual appliances make a number of outbound connections in order to authenticate, communicate and secure the traffic flowing through your cloud instance. The table below lists the expected virtual appliance outbound connections:

Outbound Connection URL Function
Trend Micro backend * Domain filtering feeds
C1 backend * Retrieves events for Threat Insights
Platform backend (Required) AWS: 169.254.169.*
Azure: Uses PTP host
NTP request
Platform backend (Required) AWS: 169.254.169.*
Azure: Platform DNS service tag
DNS request
Platform backend (Required) AWS: 169.254.169.*
Azure: Platform IMDS service tag
Instance metadata (IMDS)
AWS CloudWatch logs * Retrieves metrics and logs
AWS S3 buckets * Digital Vaccine filter
Appliance upgrade package
Tech support report
Geo/Domain filtering feeds
(Varies based on TLS inspection settings)
Azure: Key Vault service tag
TLS inspection settings
Azure Log Analytics/Storage Azure Monitor and Storage service tag Retrieves metrics and logs
Splunk User defined Retrieves events

This list is not comprehensive and new connections may be added periodically to improve functionality.