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Hosted infrastructure deployment capabilities

Deploying Network Security using hosted infrastructure provides industry-leading network layer protection without the need to manage security infrastructure and monitor appliance health. Trend Micro creates and controls all of your security infrastructure, minimizing operational overhead and complex configuration changes.

Securing your cloud assets with Network Security also provides best-in-class protection, with virtual patching and geolocation filtering. Additionally, there are no latency concerns for hosted infrastructure deployments in AWS.

Key offerings

  • Simplified, flexible cloud native deployment.
  • Up-to-date Threat Intelligence packages from Trend Micro Research, including Digital Vaccine (DV) and Auxiliary DV, as well as Geolocation filtering.
  • Easy monitoring with the ability to view security events in AWS CloudWatch logs.
  • Simplified billing eliminates additional AWS infrastructure costs.
  • Compatibility with data residency requirements. All network data stays in the same AWS region as your VPCs. Learn more about supported AWS regions.
  • Customizable security policies that meet your internal business requirements.

You can deploy Network Security with hosted infrastructure as a part of the free 30-day trail. The trial license allows you to create Network Security endpoints in a single VPC. Contact Trend Micro Cloud One support to increase your account capabilities.

Follow these steps to get started.

IMPORTANT: Notice for Marketplace users

Marketplace users require a private offer if they want to use hosted infrastructure. Contact a Trend Micro representative for more information.