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Network Security

Network Security provides a powerful network security layer that deploys seamlessly into existing architecture, inspecting inbound and outbound traffic, detecting and preventing attacks, and enabling organizations to securely achieve their business goals.

Network Security protects your cloud infrastructure, offering advanced threat protection against multiple threat vectors with virtual patching, automated threat intelligence, and PCI compliance, which maximizes protection without disruption.

Watch this short video to get a closer look at how you can benefit from the best in class cloud native Intrusion Detection and Prevention system, backed by the latest global threat intelligence.

Network Security key offerings

Ease of deployment

  • Free and fast trial that simulates an example of Network Security in a cloud environment. Learn more.
  • Quick deployment of our Network Security virtual appliance into your existing AWS and Azure cloud accounts to protect your network traffic from malicious malware and threats. Learn more.
  • Customizable deployment options to protect specific assets in your virtual network for both AWS and Azure.

Advanced security and network traffic protection

  • Automatically enabled threat intelligence to protect your environment against the latest vulnerabilities. Learn more.
  • Share AWS threat intelligence, like resources and rule groups, across regions of the AWS Network Firewall service to stop network threats. Learn more.
  • Protect all inbound TLS-encrypted IPv4 traffic with TLS inspection. Learn more.
  • Further protect and restrict inbound and outbound traffic using Geolocation and Domain filtering.

Compliance and monitoring

  • Use Network Security to help meet some of the 11.4 and 1.2.1 PCI DSS compliance metrics. Learn more.
  • Monitor events and alerts using security information and event management (SIEM) solutions. Learn more.

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