From the Network Security home page click the Policies icon policies icon in the navigation panel and select IPS Filters.

The IPS Filters page lists 100 filters at a time from the threat intelligence packages that you have loaded. Filters are listed by the month and year of their release, with the most current filters listed first. You can narrow the list by name, number, description, CVE, ZDI, and severity when you provide specific criteria in the Search field. For example, enter Malware in the Search field to see a list of Auxiliary DV filters you have downloaded.

Click a filter to see an overview of it, including:

  • Information about the filter's function
  • Release/modification dates
  • Severity
  • Source
  • Category
  • CVE identifications

Each filter comes configured with default recommended settings that determine how the filter manages traffic. Some filters are disabled while others are enabled; some might have permit actions assigned while others are set to block. To adjust the settings to better suit your environment, you can customize the default settings.