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Deployment overview

Deploying Network Security with hosted infrastructure requires only a few steps and has no overhead management during or after deployment. With this service, the traffic in your environment is routed through Network Security endpoints to be inspected. The only items you manage are the Network Security endpoints in your cloud environment; the virtual appliances, as well as any additional infrastructure requirements, are managed by Network Security.

Overview of deployment

  1. Add a cloud account from the Cloud One Cloud Accounts page to allow Network Security to gain access to your cloud account information. Learn more.
  2. Review your environment to determine which assets (VPCs) in your cloud account need protection and where the Network Security endpoints should be deployed.
  3. Create the Network Security endpoints.
  4. Modify your route tables to route traffic to the Network Security endpoints.
  5. Verify successful deployment.

Before you begin deployment, make sure you have a Trend Micro Cloud One API key. If you do not have an existing API key created after August 4th, 2021, follow these steps.