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Enhance Security Value with AWS Network Firewall and Trend Micro Cloud One

Rapidly detect and disrupt malware in your cloud environments with Trend Micro threat intelligence. Integrate Network Security rule groups with your AWS Network Firewall, to get a clearer view of potential threats in the traffic flowing through your Virtual Private Cloud (VPC).

Protect your network from attacks by pairing AWS Network Firewall with Network Security's rule groups, a set of criteria for inspecting and handling network traffic which are derived from industry-leading, partner-supported threat intelligence. You can add one or more rule groups to an AWS Network Firewall policy during policy configuration.

Get started by signing up for a free account. After you have successfully signed up, follow the steps below to sync your account with AWS Network Firewall:

  1. Enable sharing so that Network Security rule groups can be applied to your AWS Network Firewall as shown here.
  2. Verify Rule Group Sharing to ensure that rule groups were successfully shared using AWS Resource Access Manager.
  3. Create Firewall Policies: After accepting the rule groups shared by Network Security, assign the rule groups to a policy with a stateless or stateful rule group so that traffic can be forwarded to a Network Security rule group.
  4. Configure Firewall: After you have configured your firewall policy with its threat intelligence rule groups, you must then associate the policy with a configured AWS Network Firewall.
  5. Configure logging to record log events whenever traffic matches the rule criteria.

For more detailed guidance on integrating Network Security rules with AWS Network Firewall, follow the steps outlined here.