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Manage appliance deployment tokens

To complete your deployment of Network Security, you will need to set up a secure way to authenticate requests from Network Security virtual appliances in your cloud environment. The steps listed below explain how to generate a new appliance deployment token and securely connect with Network Security.

Token generation

The appliance deployment token is used to complete manual deployment of your Network Security virtual appliance. Once generated, this token does not expire. You can also retrieve the token at any time by clicking the Manage Deployment Token button. Follow the steps below to generate a token:

  1. Navigate to the Network Security dashboard and click on Manage Deployment Token next to the Search bar, in the upper-left corner.

  2. In the Manage Deployment Token modal, click on the Generate Token button. Note the following caveats, regarding new token generation.


    Generating a new token invalidates previously generated deployment tokens for appliances that are yet to be deployed or registered. This does not impact appliances that already deployed. CloudFormation Templates deploy a Lambda function to unregister an appliance when terminated. This Lambda function requires a valid token to unregister an appliance successfully.

  3. Select Copy to Clipboard to copy the newly generated appliance deployment token.

  4. Paste the deployment token when prompted to in the deployment templates provided by Trend Micro when you deploy your Network Security virtual appliances.

  5. If you encounter a timeout error or unsuccessful generation error, click the Generate New Token button to try your request again.