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Protectable assets

The protectable assets page provides a more detailed list of which assets can be or are currently protected by Network Security. This allows you to quickly see what assets are protected across your AWS accounts.


Azure assets are not yet supported on the protectable assets page.

Navigate to the Network → Assets page to view a list of all of your AWS assets and their protection status.

The assets are automatically grouped by your different AWS accounts. Displayed at the top of the assets page is a percentage bar that indicates how many assets across your accounts currently have Network Security deployed for protection. Within each account, you can view the list of assets that are currently being protected or that are available for protection.

Deploy Protection

If the Internet Traffic Protection status next to an asset has the Deploy Protection status, the asset is currently not protected by the Edge Protection deployment option. Click Deploy Protection to open the Deploy Protection wizard to protect each asset.


The Deploy Protection wizard uses the Edge protection deployment option. The protectable assets page currently only supports the Edge protection deployment option. You can still protect assets using other deployment options, but those changes are not reflected on the assets page.

Internet Traffic Protection statuses

Status Description
Protected A Network Security virtual appliance is deployed and protecting this asset.
Deploy Protection This asset is currently not protected by the Edge Protection deployment option, but you can deploy protection with the Deploy Protection wizard. If you use a different, manual deployment option, this status does not change.
Issue found An issue was found that prevents Network Security from protecting this asset. Resolve the issue and refresh the asset to enable protection.
Loading error An internal service error or API permissions issue occurred.
Not protectable Network Security cannot protect this asset because of the settings for this particular asset. You can still manually deploy protection for these assets, but the status will change to Deploy protection on the assets page.