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Key TLS terms

TLSTransport Layer Security. Protocol that enables secure network communications using encryption. Also Secure Socket Layer (SSL).

ACMAmazon Certificate Manager. Service for requesting, creating, managing, uploading, deploying, and renewing your private and public TLS certificates.

ARNAmazon Resource Name. Unique identifier for Amazon resources, such as IAM policies, TLS certificates, and API calls.

S3Amazon Simple Storage Service. Storage service for storing, organizing, and protecting data.

HCMHybrid Cloud Management. On-premise data center that enables private cloud functionality to work in tandem with the hardware resources of multiple public cloud.

AWS CloudHSMHardware Security Module (HSM). Cloud-based HSM that enables you to generate, use, and manage your own encryption keys.

AWS IAMAWS Identity and Access Manager. Enables you to control access of AWS users and groups to AWS services and resources.

AWS KMSAWS Key Management Service. Enables you to create and control cryptographic keys that you use in your applications and AWS services.

AWS Secrets Manager – Enables you to manage and retrieve secrets, keys, and other credentials used to protect your IT resources, including applications and services.

Azure Key Vault – Cryptographic service for the Azure platform that enables you to manage and retrieve secure resources, including passwords, certificates, and keys.