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Distribute filter overrides to your network

Filter modifications that require distribution include new, modified, or deleted filters.

To distribute your filter overrides to your network:

  1. From the **Network > Appliances ** page, select the appliance whose filter package you want to override.

  2. On the appliance's properties page, select the General tab.

    The Threat Intelligence field displays whether the packages you currently have distributed to your virtual appliances are current with latest threat intelligence packages available on the Network Security service.

    The Policy field indicates whether your policy's latest configuration changes have been distributed (Up to date) or not (Out of date).

  3. Click the Distribute Policy button to sync both Geolocation Filtering and Intrusion Prevention Filtering to your managed virtual appliances.


If the latest available packages are more current than the what you currently have distributed, a warning message is displayed informing you that all filter configurations might not be enforceable. Learn more about keeping your threat intelligence current.

After you distribute the policy, the Policy status changes to Distribution in progress. When you enter a significant number of changes to filters, the period of time required for distributing the profile increases.

When the distribution is completed, a popup toast informs you of the distribution's success or failure.